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August 31, 2023
Let Lendingcapital Find Your Next Loan

Getting loans in today’s climate is very difficult. Not just interest rates but qualifications to obtain a business loan. A few years ago, a 590–620 was considered fair to good, today by big bank standards 650 is poor.

Most lenders, including self-funders, are tightening credit standards, as well. using algorithms to qualify your ability to get a loan, i.e., if the cutoff for a lender is 620 and you are at 619 generally you are automatically turned down.

We at Lendingcapital (although we still look at FICO scores) we initially only ask what your FICO score range is. We know most small businesses run on credit cards, and we know what happens to your score once you hit confirm payment.

So, you could be a great company, but your score just got trashed using your credit card. We understand that.

Our Loan Marketplace provides businesses with Top Lenders-Banks-Real Estate-Private Investors-and more…So wEvaluate Your Business Not Just Your FICO Score. In addition, as we gather information and confirm your details and provide a summary with all the required documents before submitting to our marketplace.

Our marketplace is also unique in that each lender has a specific criterion, when we submit your application, it aligns with lenders who match your loan request.

Tip: before you submit a loan to any lender do your homework., Check your credit report for accurate details, pay off the card if you just used it (let it clear on credit bureaus), be realistic about what you can afford and ask for.

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