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Consumer Financing with Multiple Options

Consumer Financing…Offer Your Customers Multiple Options

  We Offer a Unique Approach to Consumer Finance

Through our vast network of lender partners, we ensure that lenders are competing for each consumer loan contract. This way, your customers receive the best possible offer.

We provide a program for online e-commerce businesses to now offer installment payments online. You can offer 0% interest or term installment payments that are directly integrated with your shopping cart system. Why offer one restrictive solution, like some of our competitors, when you can have a variety of solutions that meet the individual needs of your customers?

We feature Installment Loan Programs, Revolving Credit Card Programs, and Sub-prime Financing Programs. Call us today so we can customize a program just for your business!

Installment Loan Programs 

  • No Discount and Discount Programs 
  • Loan Amounts up to $25,000 
  • Loan Terms up to 60 Months 
  • 0% Interest up to 24 Months 
  • E-sign Integrated Online Platform 
  • Low, Fixed Monthly Payments 
  • Instant Approval Available 

Revolving Credit Card Programs 

  • No Discount and Discount Programs! 
  • Loan Amounts up to $25,000 
  • 100% Non-recourse 
  • Fast ACH Funding Within 72 Hours 
  • Many 0% Interest Promotions Available 
  • Lines of Credit Available 
  • Instant Approval Available 

Sub-Prime Financing Programs 

  • Loan Amounts up to $7500 
  • Retail Discount Fee of 2.99% Flat 
  • Medical Discount Fee of 9.99% Flat 
  • All Loans Come with 90 Days SAC 
  • Instant Online Credit Decisions 
  • No Additional Paperwork Required 
  • No Pay Stubs or Bank Statements

Making Things Happen

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Patient Financing for Hospitals & Providers

 Sending patients a bill they can’t afford means your bill will not get paid

Try this instead: $2,700 DUE NOW $400 AVAILABLE FUNDS $116/month 0% INTEREST for full term Hospital Paid immediately NO RECOURSE 

As an example of how well this works: A hospital had a loss of 2 million, our program added 9.8 million to their bottom line…a large hospital with 15 billion would add 305 million in additional revenue!


Try it for 100 days RISK FREE and increase your collections 100%.

  • No recourse
  • No upfront fees
  • No commitment
  • Cancel anytime
  • Low risk: paid up front
  • Low exposure
  • Integrate into your system

The portion of revenue that doctors and hospitals must collect from patients has increased by 380% and growing, and the collection rate only around .15 cents on the dollar. As hospitals, doctors and practices are forced to collect more from patients – due to higher deductibles and coinsurance – more patients are filing for personal bankruptcy. It is a vicious cycle that seems to only get worse over time. But when McKinsey asked patients why they defaulted on their medical bills, the number one reason was not unwillingness to pay, but a lack of payment options. That’s why the first-ever underwriting model that can show medical systems a patient’s likelihood of paying before they receive their first bill. Providers can now see what payment terms they should offer to receive the maximum rate of collection possible… all by offering their patients repayment terms that they can afford – with an effective 0% interest rate.

  • Patients apply in less than two minutes – without affecting their credit.
  • Proprietary underwriting model evaluates each patient’s ability to pay in real time and recommends the payment terms with the highest likelihood of repayment.
  • Patients can access from your website, payment portal, or by email invitation from your staff.
  • Patients receive 0% payment plan options.
  • Pays you immediately, without recourse.
  • We handle all payment plan servicing

Hospital bad debt has risen by 30-50% or higher

  • 9 Hospitals filed for bankruptcy in 2017
  • 26 Non-profit Hospitals face bankruptcy in 2018.

We offer free analysis to determine the proper program for you Hospital, Clinics, Veterinarian Hospitals, let us help you increase your collection by up to 400% and help improve your bottom line, and offer real solutions to your patients!