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SBA Loans

SBA loans are attractive on the surface with rates starting around 5.25% - 8.00% (variable rates based on prime), loans up to $5 million and up to 10 years repayment terms.  SBA loans can be very expensive with fees of 3% for loans under $150,000 plus other fees and you need to insure the loan. These loans can also take up to 3 months or more to close.

SBA requires an SBSS score of 140, most banks require an SBSS score of 160 or higher. Read our blog "what is the SBSS score and why it is important".

We have several SBA lenders, however we know how difficult it is to obtain an SBA loan (or any loan), that is why we offer multiple loan options from commercial real estate loans-refinance-to working capital - term loans-cash loans and more. 

  The Big Picture

We look at the entire picture - not just your FICO/SBSS score. So even if you do not qualify for an SBA loan, we are a direct lending platform with over 70 plus lending institutions nationwide to help you fund your business.

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