Rx Prescription Discount Cards

Rx prescription discount drug card  Average is 15-55% as high as 85% have been recorded.  Used by government, state, & corporations for employees.
  • Each year Medicare, insurance companies drop dozens of Rx prescriptions form their covered list-or raise prices  and adjust tier levels.
  • Provides an online drug lookup and pharmacy locator for comparison shopping;
  • Does not have any restrictions for use, except that it cannot be combined with insurance;
  • Covers all FDA-approved medications and many Lifestyle medications such as erectile dysfunction, obesity, infertility, etc.;
  • Can be used for medications not covered under your insurance formulary;
  • Can be used in the Medicare Part D coverage gap (donut hole);
  • Can be used as a fundraiser to help organizations raise funds for various projects. Fundraisers are not charged an enrollment fee to join our drug card program as a distributor;Then print our card and take to your pharmacy, have the pharmacy run both your insurance and the discount card.
  • Employers -Doctors-Hospitals-Clinics give your patients & employees a great RX Prescription card at NO COST to anyone! What a great benefit.
  • Does it work? I use it all the time, my kids prescription regular was 385 each - cash price 188 each - Rx card 75 each...and many other prescriptions as well

             Another way we are helping make health care more affordable


Become an affiliate member and earn extra money and help individuals save on Rx prescription drugs

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