Residential Mortgages

Residential Mortgages available in : NY, NJ, CA , FL, NC , MD, CT, DE, NH, MA, PA, RI, VA

We have condensed information on our application to help keep things clear and easy & to see if you qualify for a mortgage. First step is fill out the application, provide as much information on our application as possible to get pre-qualified. You can attach any file to our upload documents on the application.

ITEMS you will need to supply: Now or later

  • Address of property you are buying (if purchase)
  • Value of Property
  • Purchase Price
  • Refinance? Current loan amount, amount requested
  • Income (both if applying jointly)
  • Employer: name, address, phone number, contact
  • How long employed (both if joint)
  • Type of loan-FHA, Conventional, VA, other
  • FICO Score (both if joint)
  • If you pre-qualify: Additionally you will need to supply tax returns, verification of income and employment, bank statements, a personal financial statement (Listing of assets and liabilities and net worth)

Underwriting will notify if you initially qualify for a mortgage and will request more detailed information and verification  and or clarity on specific items.

The more complete information supplied the more likely you are  to get a loan. No matter who you obtain a mortgage with you will need to provide all the information we are requesting or will request.

Mortgages do not come with rocket ships or after burners, it is a process-we just make it easier with better approval results.

                                                 We want to help you obtain your dream home!

Residential Mortgages in : NY, NJ, CA , FL, NC , MD, CT, DE, NH, MA, PA, RI, VA

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