LifeLock® Identity Theft Solutions

Corporate Agency 

Agency # C1A464

Every 2 seconds someone gets their identity stolen

I have been a LifeLock member for many years now, I use the ultimate plan for me and my family. A few years back I had my identity stolen, it was BS/BC employees from inside the company selling individuals with good credit. I was very lucky, most people are not. With today's hacking environment you cannot afford to be without protection. Pennies a day can save you thousands and maybe everything you own

Companies are continually being attacked by spyware, malware, phishing schemes, and the list goes on. How does this affect your company? If an employee gets their identity stolen it could be from infected files at work or home, it can affect morale, stress, and possible theft if their money is stolen and they no resources to fight the theft.

Identity theft protects your company, your employees, your clients. An average breach can cost upwards of $100,000 per location.

This is a voluntary benefit, The setup cost for employers is ZERO, the protection LifeLock provides your employees & Your company is PRICELESS.


IRS ruled the value of identity theft is so valuable in today's world it has made identity theft a tax-free employee benefit