Hospital-Doctor-Patient Financing

                                                                                          PROGRAM FEATURES

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■ No up front or ongoing cost to the provider

■ No program fees, early payment fees or penalties to the patient

■ 100% of patient balance paid within 2 business days
Patient account financing program

  • Seamless implementation with minimal change to current processes
    Improving patient account collection success with no cost

■ Provider guarantees the loan so there is no dependence on the creditworthiness of the patient

■ Average recourse rate is less than 5% because banks are far more successful at collecting-less than 1% with auto pay

  • Our 850 banks handle all payment plan servicing, we have less than 5% default less than 1% with auto pay

■ Reduces impact of high deductibles on patient’s personal cash flow

  • Physician Loans                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Full collection services available

Doctors and hospitals must collect from patients has increased by 380% and growing, and the collection rate only around .15 cents on the dollar. As hospitals, doctors and practices are forced to collect more from patients – due to higher deductibles and coinsurance – more patients are filing for personal bankruptcy. It is a vicious cycle that seems to only get worse over time. But when McKinsey asked patients why they defaulted on their medical bills, the number one reason was not unwillingness to pay, but a lack of payment options. That's why the first-ever underwriting model that can show medical systems a patient's likelihood of paying before they receive their first bill. Providers can now see what payment terms they should offer to receive the maximum rate of collection possible... all by offering their patients repayment terms that they can afford – with an effective 0% interest rate.

                                                       Hospital bad debt has risen by 30-50% or higher

  • 9 Hospitals filed for bankruptcy in 2017
  • 26 Non-profit Hospitals face bankruptcy in 2018.

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