eCommerce for Cannabis


  • V/MC/D/AMEX accepted
  • Setup fee is $200
  • After 30-60 days accounts are reviewed
  • US domestic bank processing-private gateway-full capture rate
  • Merchants processing over 100K per month different rates apply.


Our process requires potential merchants to complete our application or contact form. We will review and process once all paperwork and vetting is complete. This protects our processing and banking partners and helps assure continued uninterrupted services- We want to avoid what happened with Elavon – US Bank – First Data (just canceled everyone) PayPal, etc.) & Others.

Our goal is put you in business and keep you in business. This program is available even if you have been MATCHED (unless excessive chargebacks)

Processing over 100K month we have additional programs available


  • Rate: Rate determined by underwriters
  • $45 per month fee (Private Gateway, statement, online access fee)
  • Machine wireless or IP $350
  • Same rates for Retail . ( we do have a PIN Debit only option )
  • Website cannot have pics or the following words: marijuana, marijuana leaves, cannabis
  • We have had zero cancels with our program. Click on link fill out our application.