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End-To-End Encrypted Point Of Sale Processing Systems

We are Certified Direct Processors for Visa/MasterCard.


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Our End to End Encrypted Processing Systems are already updated for the new SSL certification

Need to change Processors - we can in most cases integrate our processing services to your existing equipment. 

Some of the older systems on the market may not be able to upgrade to the new SSL encryption systems - upgrade with us and save potentially thousands of dollars.

POODLE beware...JUNE 2018

SSL encryption is a standard encryption method used for decades.  A vulnerability named POODLE has been detected within SSL and is no longer PCI compliant.  POODLE (Padding Oracle on Downgraded Legacy Encryption) is a vulnerability in SSL that could allow a hacker to extract data from secure online connections.

Once the deadline is up, the credit card processing functionality of any non-compliant equipment will cease.  This is an industry-wide requirement.  Most legacy POS systems are vulnerable and will need to be upgraded before the deadline.

To remain PCI compliant, merchants will need to update software, operating systems, and/or hardware.  Merchants who refuse to upgrade their system will not be able to process credit cards once the deadline is met.

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