Cannabis Equipment Leasing Options

Capital Equipment Leasing 

We arrange Capital Equipment leases to companies such as manufacturers, processors, and growers. Our knowledge of the industry and extensive network of private investors helps us deliver solutions to achieve our clients’ and partners’ financial requirements.   

We offer two comprehensive solutions, depending on the size and scope of your equipment requirements.  Each structure is tailored to clients individually based on what fits their needs.  The guidelines below are general and details will vary based on client circumstances. 

Option 1 – Equipment Lease to Own:

  • $100K – $1MM 
  • 24-Month Lease (principal + interest) 
  • 25% to 50% down payment (Typically finance up to 70% of the equipment’s hard cost) 
  • $1 Buyout at end of the lease term  

Option 2 – Capital Lease Transaction:

  • $750K – $50MM 
  • 48+ Month Lease 
  • 30% Down payment  
  • 10% Buyout of equipment’s hard cost at the end of term 
  • Less due diligence process required for this lease 

Benefits of a Capital Equipment Lease:

  • Conserves working capital 
  • Allows companies to better manage budgeting cycle 
  • Inherent tax benefits of leasing 
  • Master Lease Agreements make subsequent transactions much easier 

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