American Express Partner Plus Program 

Minimum annual revenue to qualify is 4 million 

 Benefits from American Express 

  • Improve cash flow and speed access to working capital 
  • Significantly reduce days outstanding (DSO) 
  • Streamline Accounts Receivable management 
  • Standardize payment processes 
  • Reduce credit insurance costs and collections administration 
  • Global Corporate Payments can optimize cash flow to drive savings 

The Multiple Benefits Include: 

  • Manage corporate spend more effectively 
  • Save time through streamlining accounting processes 
  • Daily reporting with powerful expense reconciliation tools 
  • Easy, online management of the Card program through a single portal 

Drive Savings 

  • Save money with suppliers through discount programs 
  • Save processing costs 
  • Offset expenses with rewards, discounts, and offers 
  • Hard dollar savings through pre-negotiated rebates with industry-leading suppliers 
  • *Rebates with the American Express 
  • *Data that can help clients negotiate better deals with suppliers 

Benefit Employees 

  • Provide employees with convenient tools and peace of mind 
  • Track and manage employee spending 
  • World-class Membership Rewards® program1 
  • *Gold Cards and Platinum Cards® for key executives 
  • Excellent Customer Service and dispute resolution processes 

Manage Growth 

  • Consolidate global expenses 
  • Prepare for future multinational growth 
  • Maximize spending power and cash flow 
  • Card acceptance at millions of merchants and all major airlines, hotels and car rental companies 
  • Global Assist® Hotline6 provides local emergency services around the globe when you are more than 100 miles away from homeJoin Partners Plus 

Global Corporate Payments: 

  • The Commercial Card program is currently being used by tens of thousands of mid-size companies worldwide. 
  • Over 70% of the Fortune 500 companies use the Corporate Card Program. 
  • Key reasons why companies choose the American Express Corporate Card program include: access to an unsecured line of corporate credit, no personal liability, extended cash flow for business expenses of up to 51 days, and the ability to earn a significant number of Membership Rewards points. 
  •, a new partner of American Express, accepts Membership Rewards points to pay for product purchases, meaning that points can be redeemed for virtually any product in the world. 

1Annual program fee to enroll only a Corporate Card is $75. As of October 1, 2012 the annual fee to enroll a Corporate Card will be $90. The annual fee to enroll a Global Dollar Card Corporate Card is $75. The Membership Rewards program fee is waived for Corporate Platinum Card members. Some Corporate Cards are not eligible for enrollment. Participating Membership Rewards partners and available rewards are subject to change without notice. Eligibility is based upon company’s participation in the Membership Rewards program. Terms and conditions of the Membership Rewards First program apply and are available at