This program is designed for Hospitals, Doctors, Clinics, Retail, any organization who needs or wants to offer financing plans.

100% patient/client approval/no declines

90% payout to providers

No credit check

No minimums

No maximums

Terms from 6 moths to 100 months

Interest rates from 11%-however the provider receives a portion of the interest charges - so they can charge more

Every month the patient pays you get paid - great revenue stream for cash flow

All collections and payments by company-no responsibility to provider

NON-Recourse to all

Can be implemented side by side with another program offering

                                              A great program, nothing else like in the market.


                                     We Can't Predict the Future-but We can Finance it


  • What are you looking for? Loan-eCommerce-ATM Cashless Processing-Consumer/Patient Finance-other
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